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fr | Aidez-nous à traduire ce service en français !
en | Help us translate this app in english !
eo | Helpu nin traduki tiun servon en esperanto !
it | Aiutaci a tradurre questa applicazione in italiano !
de | Helfen Sie uns, diesen Service zu übersetzen in Deutsch !
es | Ayúdanos a traducir este servicio en español !
ru | Помогите нам перевести эту услугу в России !
br | Ajude-nos a traduzir este serviço no brasileiro !
You can download the complete text file here:  Trad.txt (right click: save as...)
Add your translations in it following the easy format showed by other texts.
If you encounter some <tags> between brackets in the text file, please insert them accordingly in the translated text.
When you're done, send the file back to us at evento@noos.ch

Attention: The file is ENCODED in UTF-8 (without BOM)
You must use an editor that can read such an encoding. Try NotePad++ for example.
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